FAQs - Stem Cell Therapy For Pelvic Pain
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why receive treatment at R3 for pelvic pain?

R3 Stem Cell’s mission is to offer the most effective regenerative treatments with top providers in the least invasive method possible. When it comes to pelvic pain, it’s typically a complicated presentation and affects the person’s life dramatically.


Therefore, we work with a top doctor who specializes in the most modern treatments available for pelvic pain. Dr. Demir has over two decades of experience, and focuses on patient outcomes. Not only is Dr. Demir an excellent physician, the staff treats each patient with compassion and individualized options. Regenerative therapies for pelvic pain have demonstrated excellent outcomes to date!

How is the Amniotic Material Obtained?

The amniotic material is obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled C-section. The babies are fine and no embryonic stem cells are used. The material is acquired in a sterile fashion and then processed at an FDA regulated lab.


For amniotic fluid, it is cryogenically frozen once processing is complete which preserves cell viability. It is kept frozen at -82 degrees Celsius until it needs to be used. Shipping occurs on dry ice to keep frozen.


For placental amniotic membrane, the products are minimally manipulated, dehydrated, non-viable cellular amniotic membrane allografts that contain multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines and other specialty proteins present in amniotic tissue to provide a barrier membrane that enhances healing. The product is sterile in the packaging and kept at room temperature.

Is the amniotic material FDA approved?

The amniotic materials are FDA regulated, NOT FDA approved. They are classified as biologics and regulated as such. Drugs are FDA approved/denied, however, biologics are simply regulated.


The donor history is evaluated, then the material is checked for all types of diseases according to the FDA regulations. To date there have been no adverse events reported by any of R3 providers.

What types of pelvic pain are treated?

Dr. Demir is a renowned pelvic pain specialist and is at the forefront of modern technologies. All types of pelvic pain are treated including pudendal neuralgia, fibroids, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, post-surgical scar tissue and more. No matter what is causing your pelvic pain, we can typically help you!

What are the risks of treatment?

Risks of treatment with the regenerative therapies are very small. However, there is a risk of an adverse reaction to any anesthesia used and possibly infection, bleeding, nerve injury, etc. The amniotic material is immunologically privileged, so it does not cause a rejection reaction.

Where is the treatment center?

R3’s Center of Excellence for pelvic pain treatment in Arizona has two locations. Both are in the Phoenix metro area, including a Scottsdale location and an East Valley location in Chandler.

Scottsdale Location

9377 East Bell Road,
Suite 131,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Chandler Location

80 North McClintock Drive,
Suite 104,
Chandler, Arizona 85226
What are the outcomes?

Outcomes with regenerative therapies for pelvic pain to date have shown excellent results. While studies have been fairly limited in size, the study by Venturi et al showed excellent outcomes for pelvic pain relief.


R3 Stem Cell offers an IRB approved protocol for treatment and is constantly accumulating data to further knowledge regarding outcomes!

How much does treatment cost?

Regenerative therapies for pelvic pain are offered on a self pay basis. We don’t publish our treatment rates online. Please call us to find out the rates for in-town rates along with the concierge program at (844) GET-STEM.


At times, the treatments qualify for insurance coverage. This applies to certain insurance policies and is figured out after the billing process is complete.

Do you offer a travel package?

Yes we do! R3 Stem Cell’s Center of Excellence for pelvic pain in Arizona often sees patients from out of town and we offer a concierge service.


We will assist with the whole process including:

  • Scheduling the trip
  • Flight arrangements
  • Ground Transportation
  • Treatment Orientation
  • Office/Procedure Visits
  • Meals and Relaxation Options
  • Follow up protocol


Call us at (844) GET-STEM and we will walk you through the process!